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Class Preparation

Today’s important safety message comes from one of our PCWF festival sponsors – Ontario Power Generation!  OPG wants to ensure all students know how to be aware and safe around hydroelectric dams.

The safety of the public and our staff is our number one priority.

This includes making sure people know about the dangers around our hydro stations and dams, where within seconds water levels can rise, become turbulent and create a life threatening situation. Learn more about how you can keep yourself, your friends and family safe.

View the following video to help your class Stay Clear and Stay Safe!

Extend Your Learning

Grade 2/3

Time to plant your calendula seeds! You can plant them in your school garden, or bring a pot and soil to plant them in a sunny spot in your classroom! To help conserve water, your frog-shaped water meter can help you know when your plant is ready for a drink 💙✨

Here are some helpful calendula tips from seed saver, Jill Bishop…

Grade 4/5

How can YOU help conserve water? Just like the zoo crew, taking a shorter shower helps! Practice using the shower timer in your class – 5 minutes of silent reading or math perhaps, to experience the length of a 5-minute shower! 

Hint: Two pop songs on the radio is often just right…AND you get to sing along!

More Teacher Resources

Here are a number of resources from previous years’ water festivals that teachers may wish to utilize. Just click on the links to access videos, quizzes, and worksheets about the PROTECTION of water. Enjoy!

VIDEO | Wild Wetlands with Scientists in School

Wild Wetlands – Explore animals and plants that live in the water!

Conservation Worksheets

Print or send the following worksheets from Scientists in School and Otonabee Conservation. Click on each worksheet below to download:

Scientists in School Exploring Wetlands Worksheet
Otonabee Conservation Water Quality Worksheet
Otonabee Conservation Water Bug Word Search
Otonabee Conservation
Bug Match

Aqua Quest Trivia from PCWF 2021!

Challenge your students to a fun quiz to see what they have learned about the cultural perspectives of water.

Gr. 2/3 Game PIN: 006763694

Gr. 4/5 Game PIN: 009075486