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Festival Overview

The Peterborough Children's Water Festival (PCWF) works hard to ensure that each student's visit is a memorable part of their education. The objectives of this interactive event are for students to develop personal awareness of the importance of water and to foster respect for the natural environment. We hope by increasing awareness and respect, participating students and teachers will become water stewards in their classrooms and community.

Experiential Learning

The PCWF provides hands-on activities, discussions, demonstrations, displays and exhibits to actively engage students and teachers.

The experiential activities are grouped in five theme areas:

  • Water Conservation:
    • Examines using water wisely in our homes, schools and communities.
  • Water Attitude:
    • Introduction to historical uses of water compared with present uses.
    • Exploration of common attitudes toward water, and ways to promote an appreciation of water as a natural resource.
  • Water Technology
    • Looking at the role of water in energy production.
    • Examine how water is treated, stored and distributed.
  • Water Protection
    • Examination of the connections between soil, air, water, plants, people and animals.
    • Consideration given to the positive steps we can take to keep water clean.
  • Water Science
    • Introduction to the hydrological cycle, and science of ground and surface water
    • Exploration of the role of water quality and quantity to aquatic life


Learning Objectives

Each activity centre has been developed according to the Ontario Curriculum and has learning expectations in the Science & Technology, Language, Math, Physical and & Health Education, and Social Studies Curricula. This allows teachers to use PCWF activities to enhance class instruction and provide cross-curricular opportunities for student learning.