Day 1 | Cultural Perspectives

May 5, 2021

Class Preparation

View the following video prior to #WaterWednesday to introduce your class to Cultural Perspectives.

TRACKS Water Cycle Video

TRACKS Water Cycle Worksheet

Follow along with your students using the TRACKS Water Cycle Worksheet, which can be printed or used online. Fill out the worksheet while watching the Water Cycle Video, above!

Click on the thumbnail above, to download the worksheet, instructions, and answers.

Extend Your Learning

Extend your students’ learning before or after #WaterWednesday with the following video.

Water Walker Read Aloud

Aqua Quest Trivia!

Challenge your students to a fun quiz to see what they have learned about the cultural perspectives of water. We will be celebrating some of the Kahoot! successes on our #WaterWednesday Zooms!

Gr. 2/3 Game PIN: 007142913

Gr. 4/5 Game Pin: 005671812

What’s next?

Water Wednesday #2 is all about CONSERVATION! Materials for May 12th’s Water Wednesday will be available on Wednesday, May 5th!