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About PCWF

The Peterborough Children’s Water Festival is a community event that provides students with the opportunity to discover the importance and diversity of water. Working in partnership with local water experts, the Peterborough Children’s Water Festival creates an active educational experience for children in grades 2-5.

The Peterborough Children’s Water Festival’s focus is on building more sustainable relationships with water through positively shaping attitudes, and behaviour within our community. The Festival is able to foster such a relationship to all touched by the Festival, from students and volunteers, to parents and teachers, through the delivery of water related messaging in 35 interactive and hand-on water activities. Each activity centre is linked to the Ontario Ministry of the Education curriculum and teaches a positive message about personal water awareness and respect for the natural environment, these messages fall under one of the following themes:

Water Conservation – the responsible use of water in our daily lives;

  • Water Attitudes – historical and present day uses of water and attitudes toward water;
  • Water Technology – how water is treated, stored and distributed throughout the community;
  • Water Protection – the interdependence of water, soil, plants, animals and people and positive steps people can take to keep water clean; and
  • Water Science – the water cycle, surface and groundwater flow, and aquatic environments.
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16th Annual Peterborough Children’s Water Festival

Thank you to all of the participants, volunteers, educators, businesses, organizations, teachers, and students who helped to make the PCWF a splashing success!

Dates for the 2018 PCWF will be announced soon!

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