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Primary Activity – Superheroes Unite

It is a constant battle of water against the evil pollution villains. These villains come in many forms and from various sources. But water is not alone in this battle, the superheroes of the water are uniting against the villains.

Through hands-on centers children will learn about a few of the water superheroes.

Center One: Mighty Frogs, who act as indicator species and warn of the villains’ presence.
Center Two: Runoff Wranglers; Vegetation defends the shoreline, preventing villainous runoff from entering the water.
Center Three: Super Soil filters, which filter villains out of water.
Center Four: Critters Connect, recognizing the critters who live in and around the water.

The superheroes unite against the villain while showing the importance of conservation.

Curriculum Links:

This activity will link to various Visual Art, Literature and Math expectations. With specific links to:
Kindergarten Local Environment expectations
Grade One Investigating Needs and Characteristics of Plants and Animals
Grade Two Growth and Changes in Animals and Air and Water in the Environment
Grade Three Soils in the Environment