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Junior Activity – WATERshed Share

Sharing is a concept that is very familiar to students. They are frequently taught to share, recognize the reasons for sharing, and realize that sharing is not always fair or easy to do. With this activity we ask students to apply their knowledge of sharing to the resource of water.

Set in a context of watersheds, students will explore the reality of water as a high demand, important natural resource that is shared among many stakeholders. Hands on activities will teach the students about how water flows throughout a watershed, in both wildlife and human communities. Games and activities will allow students to analyse the management of a natural resource and get a feel for the decisions that policymakers have to make and the pressure of stakeholders. These activities will consider how farmers, factories, homeowners, cities, and wildlife are all different stakeholders within watersheds, and both need and influence the water within watersheds.

Curriculum Links:

This activity will link to various Visual Art, Drama, and Literature expectations. With specific links to:
Grade Four Habitats and Communities and Political and Physical Regions of Canada
Grade Five Conservation and Energy and Resources and the Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship
Grade Six Biodiversity