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Intermediate Activity – Water we Use

Humans use water every day for a huge variety of needs. Just considering our daily home use of water it is clear that water is very important. Plus, it is set up to conveniently come right into our house clean, ready to be consumed and sometimes we wash our hands to the dirty water that flows from our homes.

Through hands-on activities and demonstrations students will learn about Peterborough’s water systems; where our water comes from, the Water Filtration System and the Waste Water system. We will consider how water flows through the Otonabee watershed, the human impacts on water and our connections to the natural environment.

Curriculum Links:

This activity links to various Visual Arts, Math and Literature expectations. With specific links to:
– Grade Seven Interactions in the Environment, Forms and Function, and Patterns and Sustainability
– Grade Eight Systems in Action, Water Systems, and Natural Resources Around the World: Use and Sustainability