2019 Festival Dates: May 28th, 29th & 30th

Connecting Your Classroom

It is our goal to make each student’s visit to the PCWF a significant and memorable part of his/her education program.

Interactive Learning

The PCWF provides hands-on activities, discussions, demonstrations, displays and exhibits to engage students and teachers. You will be introduced to the importance of water to human and environmental health, as well as the role of water in economic development.

Each activity centre has been developed according to Ontario Curriculum learning expectations. This allows teachers to use PCWF activities to enhance class instruction. Each centre is designed to engage students with experiential learning and/or instruction by professionals in the field.

Educating the Future

Two of the primary objectives of this holistic-focused event are to develop personal awareness of the importance of water, and to foster respect for the natural environment. It is hoped that by increasing awareness and respect, the participating students and teachers will be asked to make a commitment to use water wisely.
The PCWF motivates students to become water stewards in their classroom and community by combining hands-on interactive activities with messages relevant to their daily lives. Students “soak up” knowledge on the properties, uses, connections and importance of water. With this knowledge, students become aware of the value of conserving and protecting water.

Activities at the Festival are grouped into the five following themes:

  • Water Conservation
  • Water Attitude
  • Water Technology
  • Water Protection
  • Water Science

Connecting Festival Activities to your Class Room Curriculum:
Each activity at the PCWF is designed to fulfill Ontario Curriculum learning expectations. To help you plan your day, each activity, its description and corresponding learning expectations are listed within the Teacher Planning Guide.

The Teacher Planning Guide will help you plan your day at the Festival. Inside the Guide is information on scheduling your day, each activity centre and its direct links to the Ontario Curriculum Expectations, as well as additional resources.


educating the future