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The Peterborough Children’s Water Festival Presents:wowlogo_1

The Wonders of Water (WOW) Educational Program

 Bring the magic and thrills of the Peterborough Children’s Water Festival into your learning space!

Initially piloted in 2016, the WOW program consists of three facilitated classroom programs: Primary (K-3), Junior (4-6), and Intermediate (7-8); as well as three non-facilitated bins available to community and home school groups. All activities are linked to the Ontario education curricula requirements, and the activity bins also meet badge requirements for the Scouts Canada and Girl Guides of Canada.

There is a world of learning opportunities available, all related to the fascinating science, protection, technology, connection, and conservation that shape our daily interactions with the planet’s most precious resource – water!

Facilitated WOW Workshop


The WOW program offers three facilitated workshops for grades K through 8. Like the Peterborough Children’s Water Festival, the WOW workshops connect children to the wonder of water through hands-on, active education.  Linked to the Ontario education curricula requirements, each workshop supports water related education in a fun and interactive way, using relevant, local, and interactive information to promote water science, protection, technology, connection, and conservation.

Each workshop is offered for $150/workshop, facilitated by a trained PCWF educator, and provides all necessary materials.

Primary (Gr. K-3): “Superheroes Unite”

It is a constant battle of water against the evil pollution villains. These villains come in many forms and from various sources. But water is not alone in this battle, as the superheroes unite against the villains (pollution) while showing the importance of conservation.

Through four (4) hands-on activity centres, children learn about a few of the water superheroes:

Mighty Frogs: who act as indicator species and warn of the villains’ presence

Runoff Wranglers: Vegetation defends the shoreline, preventing villainous runoff from entering water

Super Soil Filters: which filter villains out of water

Critters Connect: recognizing the critters who live in and around water

Curriculum Links:

This activity will link to various Visual Art, Literature and Math expectations. With specific links to:
– Kindergarten Local Environment expectations
– Grade One Investigating Needs and Characteristics of Plants and Animals
– Grade Two Growth and Changes in Animals and Air and Water in the Environment
– Grade Three Soils in the Environment

Junior (Gr. 5-6): “WATERshed Share”

Sharing is a concept that is very familiar to students. They are frequently taught to share, recognize the reasons for sharing, and may often realize that sharing is not always fair or easy to do. With this activity, we ask students to apply this knowledge of sharing to water.

In the context of watersheds, students explore the reality of water as a high demand, important natural resource that is shared among many stakeholders. Hands-on activities teach the students about how water flows throughout a watershed, in both wildlife and human communities. Games and activities allow students to analyse the management of a natural resource and understand the decisions that policymakers have to make and the pressure on stakeholders. These activities consider how farmers, factories, homeowners, cities, and wildlife are all different stakeholders within watersheds, and all need and influence water within watersheds.

Curriculum Links:

This activity will link to various Visual Art, Drama, and Literature expectations. With specific links to:
– Grade Four Habitats and Communities and Political and Physical Regions of Canada
– Grade Five Conservation and Energy and Resources and the Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship
– Grade Six Biodiversity

Intermediate (Gr. 7-8): “Water we use”

Humans use water every day for a huge variety of needs. For many, water conveniently comes right into our homes clean and ready to be used, yet it is very important that we consider how we use water on a daily basis, and consider water conservation actions.

Through hands-on activities and demonstrations, students learn about the City of Peterborough water systems, where our water comes from, the Water Treatment Plant, and the Waste Water Treatment Plant. We consider how water flows through the Otonabee Watershed, the human impacts on water, and our connections to the natural environment.

Curriculum Links:

This activity links to various Visual Arts, Math and Literature expectations. With specific links to:
– Grade Seven Interactions in the Environment, Forms and Function, and Patterns and Sustainability
– Grade Eight Systems in Action, Water Systems, and Natural Resources Around the World: Use and Sustainability


Non-Facilitated Community Bins


Three non-facilitated educational bins are available to community groups, home school groups, and classrooms to run their own water education programming. Bins are available for one week for a cost of $25/bin. Bins can be picked up and dropped off at GreenUP (378 Aylmer St. N).

These bins link to three themes from the Peterborough Children’s Water Festival:

Image result for water droplet Water Science
Image result for water droplet Water Protection
Image result for water droplet Water Conservation and Technology (contents pictured above)

Each Bin is packed full of everything you would need to spend a week Bingeing on Water.


– Get Your Feet Wet; outdoor water exploration activities
– Be a Hydrologist; water science experiments
– Rapids Run; active indoor or outdoor activities
– Puddles; stationary games and activities
– Books
– Crafts
– WoW Activity Booklet; booklets of games and activities for children to keep and continue to binge on water after the Bin goes back.

Community Links:

Community members can use the Bin activities to support children’s initiatives:
Image result for water droplet Bin activities are linked to Ministry of Education Elementary Curriculum
Image result for water droplet Provide meaningful fun activities to various aged children
Image result for water droplet Support Girl Guides of Canada and Scouts Canada badge initiatives

For more information, or to book a workshop, please contact the PCWF Coordinator at info@pcwf, or by calling 705-745-3238 ext. 204

WOW Pilot Program

Thank you to all of the pilot program participants!

The 2016/2017 pilot of the Wonders of Water Program was a splashing success!

The Peterborough Children’s Water Festival would like to continue the WOW programming in classrooms and with community groups if program funding can be sustained.  Until additional funding is secured to help grow the WOW program, workshops are currently continuing using a fee-for-service approach.