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How to Get Ready

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Make sure you have a great day by planning ahead!

Before Your Trip










  • Read through the Teacher’s Planning Guide:








  • Related to your teaching expectations, plan a list of activities of interest for your students and distribute them to each group’s adult supervisor. Please stagger the group starting activity stations to prevent crowding at popular activities. Festival Itinerary template:










  • It is important to fill out the Photo Waiver and submit the waiver PRIOR to the festival








Student Supervision

  • Divide your class into groups of five for supervision and safety reasons (a 5:1 student, adult ratio is a must!).
  • Assign one adult supervisor to each group of five students.
  • Any child with special considerations (administration of medication, special physical needs, health conditions or security) should be supervised by the teacher, or by the child’s parent/guardian.
  • Discuss the Festival and the role of adult chaperones with your volunteers/helpers.

Read and distribute the Parent Chaperone Information Guide to adult supervisors:











Please Note: An adult supervisor must accompany students at all times and stay on site.

What to Bring

  • The Festival is held rain or shine, so students should dress for the weather.
  • Encourage everyone to bring a “litterless lunch” and litterless snacks (including a refillable water bottle)! The snack bar will be open, but has a limited offering of drinks and snack items.
  • For easy identification, prepare a sign with your school’s name on it and have your bus driver display in the front window of the bus when they return to pick you up.

Other Considerations

  • Please discourage students from feeding the waterfowl that may be found along the riverbank.
  • Please tell students and chaperones that no one should go near the riverbanks- it is not safe.
  • With the possibility of media coverage at the festival, any students who are not to be photographed or interviewed should be pointed out to the adult supervisor. Proper name spellings of students able to be photographed or interviewed should also be available.


The following checklist is designed help your visit to the Festival go as smoothly as possible: